What is the best commercial electric pizza oven?

Modern technology is amazing, right? Imagine the look on your ancestors’ faces if you tried to explain that you can make world-class pizza without burning a single log. For centuries, we relied on wood to burn in order to cook our food. And while a lot of the time, wood is still one of the best methods of cooking, commercial electric pizza ovens have come a long way in the past few years. So, which one is the best on the market?

Alfa Zeno Neapolitan commercial electric oven

Introducing the Alfa Zeno Neapolitan commercial electric oven. This marvellous piece of hospitality machinery is the best commercial electric pizza oven on the market, for a multitude of different reasons.

It gets hot

The main problem with electric ovens is that few of them are able to reach temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius. The Zeno Neapolitan is able to reach 500 degrees Celcius with ease. This gives you the super high heat required to make authentic pizza without burning any wood whatsoever.

It doesn’t need a chimney

Wood-fired ovens are great, but apart from the added expense of using wood as a fuel source, many pizza restaurateurs have issues regarding the chimney. It’s expensive to get a chimney installed when using a wood-fired pizza oven. The beauty of the Alfa Zeno Neapolitan is that it doesn’t need one. You simply plug it in and you’re good to go!

It neutralises smells

After reading the fact that it doesn’t have a chimney, you’re probably wondering, “But what about the smells left over from cooking?” The Zeno Neapolitan actually neutralises the residual smells using a simple odour eliminator. You’ll never have to worry about unpleasant smells in the kitchen when you have a Zeno Neapolitan commercial electric pizza oven.

It’s incredibly energy efficient

The Zeno Neapolitan is made from Alfa Forni’s high quality refractory bricks, which help to retain heat for a lot longer than any other commercial electric pizza oven on the market. This makes it far more energy efficient, helping you keep the costs low when running your business and helping to protect our environment.

It’s the most convenient commercial pizza oven

Apart from obviously being very convenient to power, the Zeno Neapolitan also comes with all the mod cons. It has a digital temperature control, customable cooking programmes and an interior lightbulb to ensure that making pizza could never be easier.

If you’re looking for the best commercial electric pizza oven, you’re looking for the Zeno Neapolitan by Alfa Ovens. Made in Italy, this powerhouse of an oven can be imported Australia-wide and is already changing the way Australians enjoy restaurant-style pizza. Talk to the team at Alfa Ovens to learn more and to get one into your restaurant as soon as possible.