5 things to consider when choosing a pizza oven

There’s no household purchase that’s more exciting than a pizza oven. Literally nothing. 

Imagine having your family and friends around on a warm night, enjoying drinks and conversation outdoors before you pull a fresh, hot pizza out of your new pizza oven. It’s wholesome, it’s delicious and it’s impressive. But before you get to that moment, you have to choose the perfect pizza oven. And how do we do that? In this post, we give you five things to consider when choosing your dream pizza oven. 

1. Size

When it comes to pizza ovens, size matters. The right size of pizza oven for you depends on a few different things. How much outdoor space do you have? How many people in your family? How often do you entertain guests? These questions will lead you to choose a pizza oven of a specific size. Small pizza ovens range from about 60-80cm in diameter whereas large ones can go up to 130cm in diameter. 

2. Material

The material of your pizza oven won’t just determine how it looks. It also influences the efficiency and therefore, the price of the oven. While brick and stone make the most efficient ovens, retaining up to 85 per cent of the heat, they also tend to be the most expensive and require the most maintenance. Stainless steel is a great option, retaining loads of heat, requiring little maintenance and also being the most cost-effective material on the market. 

3. Placement

Figuring out where you’re going to put your pizza oven is the next thing to consider when buying one. Indoor or outdoor? Where do you have the most space? It’s a daunting task to set aside an entire space to build a pizza oven, so why not just invest in a portable one? This way you can cook for your friends and family wherever you like. 

4. Fuel

This is going to be the biggest thing to consider for your tastebuds when buying a pizza oven. Do you prefer the traditional smoky flavours of wood-fired pizza with crispier bases? Or would you prefer to substitute tradition for modern convenience in a gas-fired pizza oven? Both are great options for making pizzas. 

5. Style

A professional pizza oven maker should have a range of appealing styles to choose from. From classic designs to contemporary ones, it’s important to choose a pizza oven that fits the style of you and your home. 

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