Is wood fired pizza healthy?

Pizza is a delicious meal that can be enjoyed all year round. With so many options for toppings, flavours and styles, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the world’s favourite foods. Starting out in a very humble form in Italy, pizza has evolved in the past century and has become a popular fast food around the world. Fast food pizzas produced by big chains are often high in fat and sodium and are considered unhealthy. 

These fast-food companies have given pizza a bad rap in the health department because, the truth is, pizza can be a healthy and nutritious meal. Wood-fired pizza, for example, tends to fit into this category. So, are all wood-fired pizzas healthy? Not necessarily but, depending on how you make them, they certainly can be. Here are a few ways in which wood-fire pizza can be healthy. 

Fresh produce

When you buy a fast-food pizza, the toppings are usually processed and frozen. While this may taste good, it’s not exactly good for you. Wood-fired pizzas, on the other hand, can be made with fresh, organic produce. Spinach, capsicum, artichoke, mushroom – all of these toppings are highly nutritious and healthy things to use on your wood-fired pizza. 

You decide what you put on it

Another way that wood-fired pizza is healthy is in the fact that you know exactly what you’re putting on it. This means you can decide to use less cheese, less fatty meats and less salt if you want to. Many seek great comfort in knowing exactly what they’re putting into their bodies and this is what a wood-fired pizza offers you. 

Higher temperatures

When you cook a pizza in a regular oven, it takes longer to cook due to lower temperatures. Many of the nutrients of your ingredients are lost over the longer period of time it takes to cook the pizza. When you use a pizza oven to make pizza, the temperature is much higher, taking less time to cook the pizza. This also means that more nutrients and antioxidants are retained from your produce on the pizza. 

Less oil

Ever opened a fast-food pizza box to find it’s super greasy and oily? That’s a universal thing with most fast-food pizza outlets. Wood-fired pizzas contain much less oil and grease so you can enjoy a delicious pizza and feel good about it too. 

Who says pizza can’t be healthy? The way we make it, it’s nutritious, healthy and tasty. If you’re keen to take the healthy pizza route, take a look at the stunning range of wood-fired pizza ovens from Alfa Ovens. They’re world-class manufacturers of pizza ovens, specialising in domestic and commercial ovens. With top quality products at affordable prices, Alfa Ovens are the perfect fit for every type of pizza maker: from the beginner to the seasoned expert.