Create authentic Italian pizza with Alfa ovens

There is nothing like the taste of a true Italian pizza, and the best way to achieve that is with an authentic Italian oven. Alfa ovens are made for those who appreciate the traditional taste of Italian pizza and want to replicate that unique combination of flavours and textures in the home or commercial kitchen.
Alfa Pizza Ovens Australia is the only Australian importer and official distributors of Alfa ovens from Italy. The Alpha range spans domestic and commercial ovens, so whether you’re looking for a backyard centrepiece or a game changer for your restaurant, we have an oven to suit.

A taste built in Italy

Pizza has been a staple of Italian heritage and culture dating back to the 16th century, and since then it has become a popular dish the world over. However, anyone that has been to Italy will attest that the pizza there is different. So what are the key elements that make an Italian pizza… just that?
A thin, crispy yet fluffy base due to fresh yeast and ‘00’ flour (the most refined variety available), freshly made San Marzano tomato sauce (or lack thereof if we’re talking bianca), and a cooking technique that sees the pizza baked at a high temperature for a very short period of time. The combination of the base and the cooking technique is what gives an Italian pizza those trademark charred blisters and bubbles that enhance the overall flavour and create that chewy, crunchy texture. Of course, you can only cook a pizza at 400-500C if you have an oven that is capable of reaching and maintaining those temperatures.
Alfa ovens are made to reach the temperatures required to cook a true Italian-style pizza – and they can do it quickly! Alfa pizza ovens utilise Forninox technology, which combines a traditional refractory floor and lining, encased in a 1/10 inch thick stainless steel structure. This patented technology allows ovens to reach those high temperatures required to cook true Italian-style pizza in less time – and they will also maintain that heat for longer, providing greater efficiency.
With a choice of traditional wood fire, or a convenient modern twist in the form of gas connection, Alfa ovens provide a model to suit all occasions – whether you’re cooking a couple of pizzas at home for the family, or producing hundreds in a night at a busy restaurant. The range includes stand alone and moveable ovens, as well as oven tops that are designed to install on an existing platform, and the aesthetics are what you what expect from an Italian – sleek, chic and easy on the eye.
Made from quality materials, you can rest assured that Alfa ovens are built to last, whether they are exposed to the weather in your backyard, or producing 150 pizzas an hour in a commercial kitchen. And remember, Alfa ovens are not just for cooking pizzas; they will bring a unique flavour and texture to a wide range of grilled and baked dishes. Ready to use the moment they are unpacked, it’s a matter of connecting the gas or stoking the fire, and you’re ready to start cooking – no stomping mud or stacking bricks required!
Alfa is the worldwide leader in manufacturing residential wood and gas-fired ovens for backyards and commercials kitchens. To create pizza with a true taste of Italy, there is no substitute for a true Italian oven.

Frequently asked questions

How are Alfa ovens different to a regular oven?
The key to a perfect Italian-style pizza is to cook it quickly at a high temperature; regular ovens simply don’t get hot enough. Alfa ovens can reach temperatures of up to 500C, allowing you to cook pizzas in as little as 90 seconds.
Are Alfa ovens gas or wood fired?
The Alfa range spans wood fired and gas powered, with some models giving you the option of both. Convenience or tradition? Both deliver great pizzas!
What is ‘Forninox’ technology?
Alfa patented Forninox technology ten years ago, and it has since enabled them to manufacture high-octane stainless steel and brick refractory wood-fire ovens. This technology allows for the combined use of materials (stainless steel structure and outer later, with refractory bricks for the base and lining) and means that these ovens reach the high temperatures required in less time – and maintain the heat for longer.
What sized ovens are available?
Alfa ovens come in a number of sizes in our residential range, with capacity ranging from one to five pizzas. Our commercial ovens can cook up to eight pizzas at a time – and up to 150 in an hour. Whether you require a small oven for the backyard, or a larger oven that is suitable for commercial use, we have you covered.
Where can you buy Alfa ovens?
We have distributors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & gold coast, as well as collection depots across Australia where you can pick up your oven. Home delivery can also be arranged at an additional cost, and we also ship to New Zealand. Find out more here and Pizza ovens r us .
For more information, give us a call on (02) 8411 2546, 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.


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