2021 best pizza ovens for outdoors

Pizza ovens have become an essential feature of the household. It’s amazing how pizza ovens have been around for hundreds of years, yet they’ve only become domestically popular in the last few years – you’d think people would catch on a little sooner! There’s a real art to searching for the best pizza oven for outdoors: you’ve got to get something that’s quality and something that’s the right size for your outdoor area. Here are some of 2021’s best pizza ovens for outdoors:

Alfa One Compact series

Traditionally, pizza ovens have always been big, bulky things that are made of brick and weigh more than a Fiat Bambino. But, boy, how the tables have turned. Manufacturers like Alfa Ovens figured out that pizza ovens can be practical, small and compact. The Alfa One Compact series is the ideal small pizza oven, holding a single pizza. It’s ideal for singles and couples who enjoy a quiet Friday night pizza paired with a glass of wine.

Alfa Ciao series

Two’s great, but three’s a crowd. The Alfa Ciao series is slightly larger than the One Compact range, holding two pizzas yet still being incredibly lightweight and convenient. This unique and stylish pizza oven is one of the best small pizza ovens for outdoors in 2021.

Alfa 4 and Dolce Vita series

Need something larger? Alfa Ovens have designed and manufactured fantastic medium-sized Italian pizza ovens in the Alfa 4 and Alfa Dolce Vita ranges. These stainless steel ovens hold four pizzas at a time, which is plenty for your family or your guests to share. Used exclusively for outdoors, your neighbours will get jealous when they smell the aroma of four delicious pizzas cooking at a time, wafting out of your backyard.

Alfa Allegro series

If you want to establish yourself as the pizza king – or the Alfa male, as we like to put it – then you’re going to need a bigger oven! Imagine yourself hosting Christmases, Easters and New Year’s Eve parties, serving up plate after plate of your famous handcrafted pizzas. The best large outdoor pizza oven is the Alfa Allegro series. Holding five pizzas at a time, this large, semi-professional pizza oven is ideal for the avid party host and the big Aussie family with a big appetite for pizza!

Alfa Ovens are the world’s finest manufacturer of high quality domestic pizza ovens. Crafted in Italy, Alfa Ovens use the finest stainless steel to produce a range of fantastic ovens, powered by your choice of gas or wood-fired. They’re available for import all across Australia and are able to be delivered to your door. Browse the range at Alfa Ovens today and get yourself one of the best pizza ovens on the market.