2022 Year In Review - Best Pizza Ovens For Your Home

2022 has been a wild year. We finally opened up to the rest of the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, and resumed enjoying the things we love about life: gatherings with family and friends, hosting big events and even travelling freely.

And, for the team at Alfa Ovens, it’s been a huge year, too! From a record-high in pizza oven demand, to new models of pizza oven being released, here’s what the team at Alfa have to say about 2022 in review, as we look at the best pizza ovens for you home.

Best Small Oven: Alfa Nano Compact Wood Fired Pizza Oven

When looking at a mini-but-mighty pizza oven that is perfect for singles and couples, we can’t go past the Alfa Nano Compact wood fired oven. With room for one large pizza, it’s the ideal oven for those who want the traditional, authentic experience of cooking with wood, but who are working with a smaller outdoor space. The sleek, nimble design of the Alfa Nano compact is simply unbeatable – especially for its incredibly modest price.

Best Mid-Small Oven: Alfa Brio Gas Hybrid Pizza Oven

Can’t make the choice between gas or wood-fired? Porque no los dos? Hybrid ovens were something that took the pizza-making world by the ankles and shook it right up. Giving you a powerful, yet easily temperature-controllable oven, the Alfa Brio Gas Hybrid oven holds 2 pizzas and is great for couples and small families.

Best Mid-Size Oven: Campagna 1000 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Here, we step it up a notch and showcase a pizza oven that’s practical, stylish and traditional all at once: the Campagna 1000 wood-fired pizza oven. The Campagna range uses an innovative 3-layer refractory floor system including 30x30 45mm refractory floor tiles and an additional 80mm of insulation, making the heat retention the absolute best in its class. It holds 4 pizzas, making it suitable for the growing family or keen entertainers. Belissimo!

Best Large Oven: Campagna 1100 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If you’re the host or hostess with the most or mostess, then there’s no going past the Campagna 1100 wood-fired pizza oven. Using its innovated 3-layer refractory floor system, and cooking a whopping 7 pizzas at a time, the Campagna 1100 is designed for those entertainers who live to serve up delicious pizza for friends and family, all-year round.

We know – it’s hard to choose from 2022’s best range of pizza ovens. But that’s why the team at Alfa Ovens are by your side! Just chat to a friendly consultant from the team at Alfa, and they’ll be able to assist you in selecting the best pizza oven for your home. Quality-built and fit for master pizzamakers across regional Italy, Alfa Ovens deliver a little slice of home for Australian pizza enthusiasts. Grab a quote from the team today.