Best Pizza Toppings For Outdoor Dining

Fresh air, natural light and exposure to nature are just a few reasons why we love al fresco eating. We’re particularly fond of outdoor dining in the warmer weather as it tends to be much more of a social affair. Wood-fired pizzas give us a rustic, comforting feeling, making them a fabulous option when eating outdoors. But what makes the best toppings for when you’re dining outside? Alfa Ovens, the pizza oven gurus, let us in on best pizza toppings for outdoor dining.

Fresh tomato

Tomatoes are used in plenty of cuisines, year-round, but nothing beats a sweet, juicy tomato when it’s in season; this is when it’s time to make this spectacular fruit the hero of the dish. Try selecting a wide range of colours like deep red, yellow, green and orange to visually enhance your pizza and add loads of depth. Basil So, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that basil makes for a good pizza. This tasty herb is fresh and slightly sweet, making it perfect to balance the acidity of the sauce and oil of the cheese. Make sure you pop your basil on after your pizza comes out of the oven to avoid this delicate herb wilting or losing its lovely flavour.


These spicy Mexican chillies are a sure way to add a little kick to your pizza and outdoor party. Jalapenos pair wonderfully with pepperoni and cheese. Cut them into small pieces and let your guests be in charge of what they consider to be a perfect amount, as everyone has a different spice threshold. It’ll be a real hit with those who like it hot!


The master of the perfect melt! Mozzarella is the best cheese when cooking and eating outdoors, as it doesn’t sweat like other cheeses. Mozzarella will give you the perfect golden colour on top of your pizza, and you won’t be left with little pools of grease due to its balanced ratio of moisture and acidity.


This delicately sweet and salty cured meat is a perfect option for when you’re hungry but don’t feel like a heavy meat option. The perfect wafer thin slices will melt in your mouth.

Anything from the vegetable garden

Fresh home grown toppings, outdoor dining, homemade pizza... what could be better? Experimenting with beautiful fresh produce straight from your veggie garden is one of the best ways to emulate that farm-to-table style of dining that we all crave.

No matter what toppings you choose to put on your beautiful al fresco pizza, you’ll need a high-end outdoor even to cook them in. Alfa Ovens manufacture top quality Italian-style pizza ovens. Reach out to the team at Alfa Ovens today so you can start making your own mouth-watering pizzas.