Does a commercial pizza oven need to be vented?

Most pizza ovens are like people. By that, we don’t mean that they have health insurance and pay mortgages and take long walks along the beach – we’re talking about their need to be ventilated. Humans need air and, in most cases, commercial pizza ovens need air too. That’s why you’ll see wood-fired pizza ovens blowing smoke out of the chimneys, along smoke to be vented out. So, with this in mind, surely it would be impossible for a commercial pizza oven to need no venting, right? You might be pleasantly surprised…

Gas-fired and wood-fired ovens

Traditional wood-fired ovens as well as gas-fired ovens need to be vented. Smoke builds up inside the chamber when the fire is burning and the pizza is cooking – and if there’s no way for the smoke to escape, you’ll end up with a pretty nasty-tasting pizza. It’s also a serious safety hazard, risking a building up of heat and smoke.

Alfa Zeno Neapolitan commercial pizza oven

The Alfa Zeno Neapolitan commercial pizza oven is an oven with a big difference. Not only is it capable of producing world class pizza, but it needs zero ventilation. How is this possible, you wonder?

It’s electric

The Zeno Neapolitan is an electric commercial pizza oven, saving you the hassle of fitting out your restaurant with spaces for vents and chimneys. You simply plug in the Zeno Neapolitan, turn it on and start cooking amazing pizza.

500 degree temperatures

The Zeno Neapolitan is able to reach 500 degrees Celcius with ease. This gives you the super high heat required to make authentic pizza without burning any wood whatsoever.

It’s odour-neutralising

The other massive benefit of the Zeno Neapolitan is that it can get rid of odours without needing to be vented. The Zeno Neapolitan neutralises the residual smells using a simple odour eliminator. You’ll never have to worry about unpleasant smells in the kitchen when you have a Zeno Neapolitan commercial electric pizza oven.

It’s incredibly energy efficient

The Zeno Neapolitan is made from Alfa Forni’s high quality refractory bricks, which help to retain heat for a lot longer than any other commercial electric pizza oven on the market. This makes it far more energy efficient, helping you keep the costs low when running your business and helping to protect our environment.

So, while most commercial pizza ovens need to be vented, the Alfa Zeno Neapolitan doesn’t! Alfa Ovens are some of the world’s best oven manufacturers, each one being crafted in Italy before being shipped to Australia. These premium quality commercial and domestic ovens are built to endure years and years of pizza-making and are suited to the fast-paced Australian hospitality climate. Talk to the team at Alfa Ovens to install a Zeno Neapolitan in your restaurant today.