Features That The Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Should Have

It’s the 21st Century and whenever you go to buy something new, whether it’s a fridge or a car, you can guarantee that it’ll be loaded with a whole bunch of extra features which you’ll never use.

A fridge with Wi-Fi. A car with an under-chassis camera. A washing machine that teaches you how to yodel.

None of these features are useful or necessary. But that’s where you’ll find the beauty of a good wood-fired pizza oven; there should only be a handful of features which are essential to operating the oven.

Which features are we talking about? Let’s find out, with this handy article from the experts at Alfa Ovens.

The temperature gauge

While it’s certainly not crucial for your fridge to tell you the weather outside, it’s absolutely crucial for your pizza oven to tell you the temperature inside the chamber. Keeping a consistent temperature when cooking is probably the most important thing – especially when it comes to pizza. If your temperature isn’t consistent, your pizza will come out either over-cooked or under-cooked. Keep in mind that not all pizza ovens come with super accurate temperature gauges, but Alfa Ovens use high quality gauges that help you keep your chamber at the perfect temp.

Adjustable vents

Keeping heat in is one part of making the perfect pizza – but so is letting the heat out. All the best wood-fired ovens should have adjustable chamber vents in order to oxygenate the chamber when open, and keep the heat in when closed.

A high-quality stone

The pizza stone is up there with one of the most important features of a great pizza oven. The quality of the stone is imperative to making a fantastic pizza. If the stone isn’t of a high quality and can’t withstand super-hot temperatures, it’s likely that it your pizza base will burn or get stuck to the stone. Alfa Ovens select only the finest rock for their pizza stones, helping you create the finest pizza.

The right brick

Last but not least, the brick. Believe it or not, you can’t go making a pizza oven out of any old red or cream brick! These bricks need to be made to withstand temperatures of over 400 degrees Celsius, so those leftover bricks from your home extension simply aren’t going to cut it. Choose a pizza oven which is made from bricks rated at around 1500 degrees Celsius.

Don’t choose a pizza oven that has wireless internet or teaches you how to speak French. Choose a traditional, Italian-made, wood-fired oven from Alfa Ovens! As the world’s favourite manufacturer of Italian pizza ovens, the team at Alfa have worked hard to design a robust and durable yet stylish and authentic range of pizza ovens. Whether you’re after a gas or wood-fired oven, Alfa Ovens have the widest and best value range on the market.