Gas Pizza Oven or Wood Fired – Which is Best?

Here’s an argument that never seems to be settled: gas versus wood-fired pizza ovens. What makes this discussion so complex, with varying answers, is the fact that it all comes down to the preferences of the individual.

So, keep an open mind when reading this post, allowing yourself to truly consider both options. Here, we’ll discuss which is better out of gas fired ovens or wood-fired ovens.


  • Gas
    Gas pizza ovens have a more modern take on the traditional pizza, but come out with the same crispy crusts and perfect bases that you know and love. While most people argue that the wood-fired pizza oven is superior in the flavour department, only you will be able to make this choice; it’s all about personal preference.
  • Wood-fired
    As many will say, nothing beats the flavour of a wood-fired pizza. It’s traditional, smokier and infuses your food with a slight charcoal taste. The taste is one of the main reasons we still use wood to cook our pizzas after hundreds of years.


  • Gas
    In terms of convenience, gas ovens win. Gas pizza ovens are much easier to power and maintain than wood-fired ovens. You don’t need to think about buying wood, or collecting kindling either: you just grab a gas bottle and you’re ready to go. They’re easier to clean as well, since you don’t need to scrape out any ashes or remove creosote from the chimney.
  • Wood-fired
    Though the flavour of a wood-fired pizza is unbeatable, the ovens themselves are slightly less convenient than their gas counterparts. You’ve got ashes to remove and creosote to clean, so, if you’re after convenience, then you’ve got to have a serious think about gas-fired pizza ovens.


This argument is more about the feeling of cooking with traditional wood versus the more modern gas option. Both types of pizza oven produce delicious and authentic Italian pizza.

  • Gas
    If you’re wanting to feel like a 17th Century Franciscan monk who’s serving up a pizza feast for his friends and family (rather niche description, we know), then you’re probably not going to choose a gas pizza oven. Some traditionalist pizza makers insist that wood is the only way to cook pizza. Science, however, will state otherwise because gas can produce just as much heat as wood, which is essential for traditional Italian pizza.
  • Wood-fired Like we said: wood-fired ovens = Franciscan monk vibes. Cooking with wood gives you a feeling that you can’t get from gas ovens, due to the primal nature of cooking using wood.
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