Gas Power: 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Gas Pizza Oven For Your Home Or Business

Gas pizza ovens are a fantastic alternative to the traditional wood-fired option. For centuries, wood-fired pizza ovens have held the limelight. And we understand why: they make delicious pizza, they can be fun to use and there’s a romantic sense of nostalgia about them.

But for the modern, fast-paced world, there’s a lot of benefits in using a gas-fired pizza oven. Unarguably, they’re more convenient and save you loads of time in terms of sourcing fuel and cleaning up. To give credit where credit is due, here are our top 5 reasons why gas power should be considered for your domestic or commercial pizza oven.

1) Convenience

Convenience is definitely at the top of the list. We love wood-fired pizza ovens and, if you’ve got the drive and determination to invest in one, then we encourage you to do that. But if you don’t want to be ordering logs of wood, or finding them yourself and chopping them up like a lumberjack, then a gas pizza oven is probably the better option. Powering your gas pizza oven is as simple as grabbing a gas bottle next time you’re down at the hardware store – or getting it plumbing in from your main gas supply.

2) Less cleaning

Another benefit of gas-powered ovens is that there’s far less cleaning to do. While wood-fired ovens are awesome in many ways, some of us don’t have the time to clean out the ashes and creosote every time we use our pizza oven. If that’s the case, gas pizza ovens were made for you. The clean-up after using your gas-fired pizza oven is far less strenuous.

3) Affordable to run

Powering a wood-fired pizza oven is the more costly option. If you’re buying logs, the costs can add up quickly – especially if you want a quality wood like redgum. You can scavenge your own firewood, which then works out to be very affordable, but it’s not for the time-poor. Gas pizza ovens are more affordable to run, and gas bottles tend to last quite a while.

4) Authentic tasting food

Gas-fired pizza ovens can produce pizza that’s just as good as wood-fired pizza. OK, so you’re not exactly channelling the energy of a 18th Century pizzamaker from Naples, but when it comes to the taste of the pizza, it’s the skills of the chef that count – not the type of pizza oven. Gas-fired pizza ovens produce marvellous pizza, as well as other delectable foods.

5) Reliability

Gas pizza ovens are uncomplicated in design and are therefore super reliable and long-lasting.

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