How Do You Use a Gas Fired Pizza Oven?

Society’s perception of how pizzas are made has gone through quite an evolution in recent years. Stereotypically, you’d imagine the only way pizzas are made is in a massive wood-fired pizza oven, with a jolly Italian man called Giuseppe in charge of the operation. While the Giuseppe’s of the world still exist, pizza can now be made in many different ways. And we believe this is a good thing.

Gas-fired pizza ovens have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially for domestic use. They come with some great benefits, which we’ll explain later in the post. But how do you use one? And will Giuseppe look down on you for it?

The answer is no. And they’re very easy to use.

Are they easier or harder to use than wood-fired ovens?

Gas-fired ovens tend to be a lot easier to use than wood-fired ones. You just turn them on, heat them up, chuck in your pizzas and wait for your delicious meal to be ready. When they’re done, you turn off the gas. Easy as pie.

While they’re awesome in their own way, wood-fired pizza ovens are more complicated to use. You have to make sure you’ve got plenty of wood, you have to burn the wood to start off with and then you have to clean out the ashes once you’re finished.

Perks of using a gas-fired oven

Other than it being a lot easier to use, a gas-fired oven is also the more convenient option. There’s no chopping of wood, carrying or ordering of logs involved which can sometimes be a hassle when you’ve had a long day and just want to make a pizza instantly. Gas bottles, on the other hand, are super easy to get – you just go down to the servo and pick one up.

Another perk of using a gas-fired oven is that they’re much easier to clean. Let’s go back to the scenario of having had a long day at work and wanting an instant pizza. Presumably, after finishing your pizza feast, you wouldn’t want to spend ages cleaning up. Wood-fired pizza ovens need to be cleaned quite thoroughly after use to get the remaining coals and ashes out of the chamber. Gas-fired ovens don’t come with this inconvenience. There may be a little grease and grime to clean up, just like a regular oven, but nothing like the scale of cleaning involved with a wood-fired oven.

We hope this helps you understand how to use gas-fired pizza ovens and why they’ve got a few perks over the traditional wood-fired ones. To view a stunning range of both gas and wood-fired ovens, check out the range at Alfa Ovens. They’re worldwide leaders in manufacturing pizza ovens, both commercial and domestic. If they’re good enough for restaurants, they’re good enough for you! For premium quality pizza ovens with affordable price-tags, look no further than Alfa Ovens.