How to Make and Perfect a Good Wood-Fired Pizza

Is there any word in the history of humankind that is more well-known than ‘pizza’? Riddle us that! All over the world, pizza is enjoyed in restaurants, bars, cafes and now, your home. Wood-fired pizza ovens have gained massive popularity in the home; it’s the perfect family dish, being tasty and healthy at the same time. But before you become the neighbourhood pizza master, you’ve got to learn how to make and perfect a good wood-fired pizza. Here are some of our super special tips on how to do it!

Perfect the dough

Let’s say your pizza is a game of Jenga. Your dough becomes the base, which are, in this analogy, the very first blocks that you lay in Jenga. You can’t form a solid Jenga tower if the building blocks aren’t perfect, and you can’t master the art of pizza if the dough isn’t perfect either. Studying your dough recipes and doing a few practice runs is the best way to perfect your dough. Then, you’ll be more than prepared when it comes to the real thing!

Select the best toppings

Your toppings play an integral role in making and perfecting a good wood-fired pizza. When you’re starting out, stick to the traditional flavours and toppings, like Margherita, pepperoni and cheese. These flavours are simple and will allow you to perfect them quickly. Choose fresh produce to go on your pizza and even think about selecting some organic toppings too.

Get the stone nice and hot

Part of the secret to making and perfecting a good wood-fired pizza lies in getting the pizza stone super hot. Heat rises, so although your oven chamber may be reading 400 degrees Celsius, your stone may not be that hot yet. If the stone isn’t hot enough, your pizza base will burn before the dough is fully cooked through. That’s why it’s important to preheat the stone and get it nice and hot before the pizza goes in the oven.

Keep the temperature and timing consistent

The chamber temperature must be kept at a consistent temperature the whole time your pizzas are cooking. Putting the pizzas in when the pizza oven isn’t hot enough is a rookie error, commonly made when first starting out. Timing is a big part of the art too – make sure you’re leaving them in for the three-minute mark.

Follow these tricks of the trade and soon enough you’ll be able to perfect a good wood-fired pizza, each and every time. First, however, you’re going to need a world-class pizza oven to make them in. This is where Alfa Ovens enter the picture! They import some of the world’s finest pizza ovens, used by professional and amateur pizza makers everywhere. Contact the team at Alfa Ovens to get one step closer to perfecting your pizza game.