How To Prepare Your Home For A Pizza Oven

Preparing a home for a baby requires a lot of planning and organisation. You’ve got to make room for the baby, adjust your home to make it safer, and buy the right equipment too, like strollers and toys.

And, if you’re the type of person who takes their food pretty seriously, then there’s little difference when preparing for a pizza oven! After all, your Alfa Oven is bound to become your new baby: something you love with all your heart and are fiercely protective over. 

So, what preparation needs to be done when the stalk has brought you and brand new pizza oven baby? Let’s consult the team at Alfa Ovens and find out!

Measure up!

Most of us have made an annoying measuring mistake in our lives… and have banged our heads against the wall in frustration afterwards! A fridge that was supposed to fit in the kitchen, a table that was supposed to fit through the door, a bicycle that was supposed to fit in the car boot. Let’s not make that mistake again!

The very first thing to do when preparing your home for a pizza oven is measure up the space where it’s going. You can even call a professional from Alfa Ovens, and they’ll take the measurements for you so that you can be totally sure that your oven will fit.

Think about the art of entertainment

Planning for a pizza oven in your home is super fun – especially when it comes to thinking about how you’re going to rejuvenate your backyard and turn it into the ultimate entertaining space. A wood-fired oven isn’t just an awesome cooking utensil; it’s also a perfect centrepiece for entertaining. Consider your new layout, which may feature a large sun umbrella for summer, new tables and chairs, or even outdoor kitchen if you really want to invest in your home’s outdoor area.

Make sure you’ve got somewhere to store your wood, or gas bottles

Another way to prepare for your pizza oven is to make sure you’ve got space for your fuel source, whether you’re choosing wood or gas. Some owners use an open cabinet for wood logs, while others prefer a dedicated woodshed, especially if they’re frequent pizza oven users.

Preparing your home for a pizza oven isn’t like renovating the house; all you need is a little organisation and logical thinking, and your home is good to go. Alfa Ovens are the world’s leading manufacturers in premium quality pizza ovens for domestic and commercial use. Made in Italy, Alfa Ovens are durable, versatile and high-performing machines that can be used to make a variety of dishes. Talk to the team at Alfa and make your investment today.