Is a Pizza Oven Worth It?

The idea of having a pizza oven is a dream for most people. Having friends and family over, enjoying drinks, music and conversation before sitting down to enjoy a shared meal of gourmet home-made pizzas. Is that not, like, the most wholesome thing ever?

It certainly is. But one question still remains: is this just a fantasy, or is a pizza oven really worth it? For us, the answer is a resounding and unwavering “YES!” Pizza ovens are worth every penny – if, you get the right one. Let’s run through a few factors that determine whether a pizza oven is worth it.


The biggest thing that’s probably running through your mind is, “where the heck am I going to fit a pizza oven in my place?” That’s a fair enough question to ask. Many people struggle with the placement of in-built pizza ovens. They can be large and obtrusive, and once they’re there, they’re there for good. That’s why there’s a solution: portable ovens. They’re mobile, they’re nimble, they still retain heat really well and they make cracking pizzas. While getting an in-built pizza oven may not always be worth it, investing in a portable one is definitely worth it.


Realistically, you’re not going to use your pizza oven every day. But that’s what makes a pizza oven so special! You use it to make a weekly or fortnightly Friday night pizza for your family, enjoying the meal together and experimenting with different flavours and toppings. This isn’t just a chance to enjoy delicious food, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to grow your skills as an expert pizza-maker. It’s an impressive quality to have and something to impart on your family or your friends.


A pizza oven is also worth it purely for the chance to have a drink and a chat around it while you wait for your pizza to cook. It’s an even better social gathering place for you and your mates at a party than a barbecue! Think about it: with a barbie, you’re constantly turning the snags or checking on the steak. With a pizza oven, you just chuck the pizza in there and catch up with your friends while you wait for it to cook.

With pizza ovens becoming more and more affordable and accessible, there’s no doubt in our minds that they’re absolutely worth investing in. That being said, you’ve got to make sure you pick the right oven. Alfa Ovens are global leaders in the manufacturing of pizza ovens. They specialise in commercial and domestic ovens of the highest quality while offering their products at an affordable price. Alfa Ovens is the smart option for buying your very own pizza oven. Contact the friendly team today to find the perfect pizza oven for you.