Italian-made commercial pizza ovens

The business landscape has changed a lot in the past couple of years. Who would’ve thought that offices in CBDs around the country would be vacant, with many companies allowing people to work from home on a regular basis?

One business idea that will never fail, however, is a pizza restaurant. Think about it: pizza has been one of the world’s most popular dishes for hundreds of years, so why would it suddenly go out of fashion? People crave good quality pizza and, to provide this, you need an Italian-made commercial pizza oven.

Italian-made ovens

Italians know pizza, and they know pizza ovens too. There’s nothing quite like an Italian-made commercial pizza oven to give your café or restaurant kitchen a truly European atmosphere.

  • They’re premium quality
    Italians have always been experts at what they do. From leather shoes to supercars, Italy is known for its manufacturing of products that are of an incredibly high standard. Commercial pizza ovens from Italy are exactly the same: Italians are focused on creating the finest pizza ovens to make the finest pizza.
  • They’re the real deal
    You know you’re getting an authentic product when it comes straight from the birthplace. Pizza ovens were invented in Italy, so when you buy an Italian-made pizza oven, you’re buying a product that was born out of tradition and authenticity.
  • They’re fashionably designed
    Style is simply part of the Italian way of life – from fashion, to cars, to architecture, style is incorporated into everything made in Italy. Italian-made commercial pizza ovens are known for their stylish flair, helping to make your kitchen look good and feel good to work in.

Different types of Italian-made commercial oven

From traditional wood-fired ovens, to contemporary gas ovens, to the convenient electric ovens, Alfa Ovens make sure they’ve got the right Italian-made commercial oven for your business.

Wood-fired commercial ovens

  • Flavour
    Italian wood-fired pizza ovens create smoky flavours and infuse your food with lovely charcoal notes. They cook at super high temperatures, resulting in a fluffy dough, crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings.

Gas-fired commercial ovens

  • Clean and convenient
    A more modern take on the pizza oven is the gas-fired option. These ovens are clean and convenient, requiring less rigorous cleaning than wood-fired ovens and less effort to heat up.

Electric commercial ovens

  • Modern and super convenient
    Alfa Ovens proudly offer their Zeno Neapolitan commercial pizza oven. This is an all-electric oven which requires no ventilation, minimal cleaning and cooks world-class pizza at up to 500 degrees Celsius.

If you’re looking for a new commercial pizza oven, make sure it’s made in Italy. Alfa Ovens design and manufacture some of the finest domestic pizza ovens in the world. Each oven is crafted in Italy with the utmost care and precision. Check out the Alfa Ovens website to browse their fantastic range and get one delivered.