Italian-made pizza oven

Ever wondered why the world is so obsessed with things that are made in Italy? Designer clothes, supercars, wine… there must be some reason why we all have an insatiable appetite for Italian products. In recent years, another thing has been added to that list: pizza ovens. Italian-made pizza ovens have an upper hand for a range of reasons. Like everything made in Italy, pizza ovens have a reputation for being constructed with the utmost care and precision. But if you’re living in Australia, how can you get your hands on an authentic Italian-made pizza oven? Let’s find out!

Why Italian-made pizza ovens are so in-demand

The popularity of pizza ovens has skyrocketed in recent times, let alone pizza ovens that are made in Italy. To answer this question properly, you’ve got to look at all the different factors of why Italian-made pizza ovens are the best in the world.

  • Italy is the birthplace of pizza – and the pizza oven
    It’s a general rule that wherever something was invented, that place tends to create the best of it. That’s why we hold such a high regard for cotton towels woven in Egypt, chocolate made in Switzerland and waffles whipped up in Belgium. The same goes for pizza and pizza ovens: they were invented in Italy, so you can guarantee that when you buy an Italian-made pizza oven, you’re buying a product that comes with centuries of wisdom that’s been passed down throughout generations.
  • Italy is renowned for making high quality products
    Italians thrive at everything they do – from Ferrari, to Versace, to Bvlgari, to Aperol, Italian-made products are highly esteemed all over the world. Pizza ovens are no different. Italians have the philosophy of creating the best possible pizza ovens, fit for making the best possible pizza!
  • They’re the most stylish in the world
    ‘Italian-made’ and ‘stylish’ are pretty much synonymous. The Italians know a thing or two about style, and incorporate their sense of fashion into making pizza ovens too. Italian-made pizza ovens are known for their sleek aesthetics, fitting the vibe of your outdoor area perfectly.

Alfa Ovens

If you’re looking for a premium quality, Italian-made pizza oven, you’re looking for an Alfa Oven. As some of Italy’s best and most affordable pizza ovens, Alfa Ovens are known all over the world for their style, reliability and cooking perfection. In no time, you’ll go from being a pizza novice to a pizza maestro!

Alfa Ovens are available for import all over Australia. These genuine, traditional ovens come in a range of different sizes, from a one-pizza capacity to a massive five-pizza capacity. Whatever your needs, Alfa Ovens will provide a pizza oven that suits you. Browse their range of Italian-made pizza ovens and contact the Alfa Ovens team today.