Italian wood-fired pizza oven

Everybody loves pizza. Think about it: who have you met that doesn’t like pizza? And if you do know somebody who doesn’t like pizza, why are you even friends? Pizza has always been a popular dish – so much so that people all over the world are investing in their own pizza ovens and becoming first class pizza makers.

If you’re looking for a domestic pizza oven, you can’t just go out and buy the first one you see. What you’re looking for is something made in Italy and, depending on your preference, an oven that uses wood. Here’s why:

Italian-made ovens

  • They’re authentic
    You know you’re getting an authentic product when it comes straight from the birthplace. Pizza ovens were invented in Italy, so when you buy an Italian-made pizza oven, you’re buying a product that was born out of tradition and authenticity.
  • They’re high quality
    Italians have always had a knack for making quality items. From leather shoes to supercars, Italy is known for its manufacturing of products that are the crème de la crème. Pizza ovens from Italy are exactly the same: Italians are focused on creating the finest pizza ovens to make the finest pizza.
  • They’re always stylish
    Italians are known for their sense of style which translates into building cars, designing clothes and manufacturing pizza ovens. Italian-made pizza ovens are known for their trendy aesthetics, which are intended to complement your entertaining area.

Wood-fired ovens

  • Flavour
    Italian wood-fired pizza ovens create smoky flavours and infuse your food with lovely charcoal notes. They cook at super high temperatures, resulting in a fluffy dough, crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings.
  • Tradition
    Cooking a pizza using an Italian wood-fired oven is almost like a ritual. People have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years, so when you make a delicious pizza in an Italian wood-fired oven, you’re channelling the energy of the great pizza makers, past and present.
  • Consistent
    An Italian wood-fired pizza oven produces consistently well-made pizza. The high temperature means your pizza always cooks evenly, which is the main advantage over conventional ovens. Your pizza will never come out too soggy, too dry or unevenly cooked when you invest in an Italian wood-fired pizza oven. 
  • Using one is fun
    Italian wood-fired pizza ovens make cooking fun! Heating up your oven for the first time is something you’ll never forget. And eating the very first pizza made in your oven is also a memory you’ll have forever.

By now, you get the point: Italian wood-fired pizza ovens are awesome. Alfa Ovens, in particular, make some of the finest domestic pizza ovens in the world. Each oven is crafted in Italy with the utmost care and precision. Check out the Alfa Ovens website to browse their fantastic range and get one delivered.