Should I Buy an Indoor or Outdoor Pizza Oven

Some things in life are difficult to choose between. For example, apples and oranges: they’re two different fruits, with two different flavours and two different health benefits, so choosing between the two is a difficult choice. When it comes to buying either an indoor or an outdoor pizza oven, on the other hand, the decision should be easy as pie. Outdoor pizza ovens are vastly superior to their indoor counterparts, for several different reasons. We’re not just saying that either! Here are a few good reasons why you should always buy an outdoor pizza oven.

Outdoor ovens are mobile

When you decide on building an indoor pizza oven in your home, you’d better be 100% sure of the decision. Once it’s there, it’s there for good! You can’t simply move the brick wall in which it’s built when you feel like it’s time for a change. Outdoor ovens, however, have the advantage of mobility. If you need to move your pizza oven out of the way, you can! A good manufacturer of outdoor pizza ovens will be able to supply a wheelbase structure so that you can move your pizza oven wherever you like: under a veranda, in the garage or out in the open when cooking.

Outdoor ovens are cheaper

Outdoor ovens cost a lot less than building an indoor oven within your home. Think about all the work that needs to be done when installing a pizza oven in your kitchen. You’ll need builders and possibly even an architect. Outdoor ovens save you all that hassle and can be bought with the click of a button.

Outdoor ovens make just as good pizza

There’s a myth that indoor ovens produce better pizza than outdoor ovens. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Making great pizza is all about the consistency of the dough and getting the right temperature. Outdoor ovens easily produce the 400-degree temperatures that you need to make great pizza, so there’s absolutely no difference between the two when it comes to pizza quality.

Outdoor ovens hold their value

Imagine the hassle of parting ways with an indoor pizza oven if you have to move interstate or you end up selling your house. You can’t remove it from the kitchen and you’re unlikely to get back the money you spent on it when you sell the house. Outdoor ovens, on the other hand, can simply be sold on Gumtree! Easy as that.

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