The Best Pizza and Wine Pairings

One of our favourite things about pizza is that it’s the exact same word in every single language. And another favourite thing about it is that, all over the world, it’s paired with wine.

Wine is pizza’s trusty sidekick. Like Batman and Robin, this superhero combo helps to fight a different type of crime: the crime of boring flavours.

While there are no set rules when it comes to pairing pizza toppings with types of wine, there are certain pairings that, most of us agree, complement each other. In this post, the pizza professionals from Alfa Ovens tell us their favourite pizza and wine combos.


  • Perfect pair: merlot or pinot noir
    If you can make a good margherita, you’re a good pizza maker. And if you can pair it perfectly, you’re even better. Lighter in flavours without salty meats, margherita is best paired with a lighter red like pinot noir or merlot. These approachable flavours bounce off each other like chalk and cheese.


  • Perfect pair: Sangiovese or Tempranillo
    Mozzarella, tomato base and pepperoni: this seriously simple pizza is one of the world’s favourite. So, if pepperoni pizza is all about simplicity, why make the wine pairing complicated? Serve your home-made pepperoni pizza with a slightly bolder red wine like a Sangiovese or Tempranillo, balancing out the heat from the pepperoni.


  • Perfect pair: shiraz or cabernet sauvignon
    Dense with rich toppings like salami and capsicum, the capriccioso is ideally paired with something a little heartier. A Barossa Valley shiraz or cab sauv is the perfect drop to wash down slice after slice of delicious capriccioso.


  • Perfect pair: pinot grigio or Riesling
    While, as you can see, most pizza is better paired with red wine, seafood pizza is an exception. As most wine snobs would say, seafood is best paired with a dry white wine and your favourite prawn pizza is no exception. Enjoy the taste of your fresh, juicy prawns with a glass of Clare Valley pinot grigio or Riesling.


  • Perfect pair: cabernet merlot
    Say aloha to your perfect wine pairing with the humble Hawaiian pizza. For this classic island pizza, a medium-bodied red wine like cabernet merlot is ideal, offsetting the sweetness of the pineapple. With a glass of cab merlot in one hand and a slice of home-made ham and pineapple in the other, you’ll be doing the hula, wearing a grass skirt in no time.

Remember – this is a guide, not a rulebook. Feel free to dance exactly how you feel, rather than sticking to strict choreography. This way, you’ll discover new favourite pairings and share them with the world.

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