What Can You Cook in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Mouth-watering, smoky pulled pork; juicy, herbed chicken, cooked on top of a beer can; chargrilled lamb, rubbed in olive oil and rosemary; love these foods but can’t make them on your barbecue? That’s why you invest in a wood-fired pizza oven.

Though they’re usually used to make authentic Italian pizza, wood-fired pizza ovens are perfect for a range of other dishes. In this post, the food fanatics from Alfa Ovens tell us their favourite dishes to cook using a wood-fired pizza oven.

Revolutionary beer can chicken

The wood-fired oven will make you completely rethink your idea of a well-cooked bird. Grab a standard Aussie beer, drink two thirds of it, stick the chicken on the can and place it into your wood-fired oven so that it’s standing upright on the can. Rotate every 5 minutes. Wait until your chook is cooked and enjoy a juicy, fresh chicken. This takes the word ‘succulent’ to a whole new level.

American-style pulled pork

Love a bit of American barbecue? You’re in luck; the wood-fired pizza oven should be your weapon of choice for smoky pulled pork and other Southern-style meats. For this indulgent, saucy pork, you’ll take a pork shoulder, marinate it for 24 hours, and slow cook it in your pizza oven for 8 hours at about 200 degrees Celsius. Check out some exciting pulled pork recipes online and choose one that tantalises your tastebuds.


Fish is a staple in Mediterranean cooking. It’s healthy, great for families, perfect all-year round and tastes great. Get a fillet of your favourite fish and season it with salt and pepper, dill, olive oil and loads of fresh lemon juice. Bake it in your wood-fired pizza oven for a few minutes and enjoy a perfectly cooked fillet.


Want to take your idea of lunch from boring to roaring? Focaccia is your answer. Nothing beats the taste of fresh, warm bread… unless of course you’ve cooked it yourself! Focaccia makes the best sandwiches – go for classics like salmon and avocado or turkey and mozzarella.

Roast veggies

Roasted veggies in your pizza oven are the winning combo of healthy and tasty. Get that lovely charcoal flavour into your veggies while using less oil in your wood-fired oven. You can pretty much cook any veggie in your oven – from garlic-butter Brussels sprouts to stuffed capsicums.

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