What Do You Need To Cook Outside?

Cooking outside: why, for tens of thousands of years, have we been so obsessed with it? In the beginning, cooking outside was all we had. But since ovens were invented, in 29,000 BC, we’ve had the option to cook indoors – in Central Europe, our Cro-Magnons ancestors used roasting pits inside their yurts to cook mammoth meat.

But cooking outside still brings us a feeling that can’t be matched. Whether we’re cooking a Christmas barbecue or a family pizza night feast, there’s nothing better than whipping up a storm outside when the weather is nice.

However, cooking outside has come a long way and, usually, we’re not just crouching around a pit of coals, roasting mammoth meat. We’ve got a whole bunch of tools in our arsenal which keeps our outdoor kitchen running smooth. Here’s what you need to cook outside:

Outdoor pizza oven (gas or wood-fired)

Your outdoor pizza oven is the most versatile tool for cooking outside. It’s the only way to make proper Italian-style pizza and can be used to make a bunch of other delicious dishes like roasted meats, fish, vegetables, pulled pork and even baked desserts. Investing in a pizza oven is something that many outdoor chefs are doing these days, preferring it over the barbecue when it comes to cooking meat and veg.


That being said, there’s always going to be a time and a place for the good, ol’ Aussie barbie. Though you can take almost anything that you’d throw on the barbie and cook it in a pizza oven, barbecues have their own familiar and distinct flavour.

Outdoor sink

Serious about cooking outside? Installing an outdoor sink and workbench is incredibly handy. Instead of going back and forth, inside and outside, just to rinse your veggies, clean a knife or wash your hands, you can save heaps of time by installing an outdoor sink.


If you’re going down the outdoor kitchen cabinet route, then you may as well invest in an outdoor fridge too. Store all your meats, veggies and beer in the outdoor fridge to allow for easy access when you start cooking.

Dining area

So, you’ve cooked up a feast… but where are you going to eat it? Investing in a vibrant yet practical dining area is key to outdoor cooking. This way, you can entertain guests with wine and appetisers while they watch you make mouth-watering food in your pizza oven. We like to stick to this golden rule: if you cooked it outside, you should eat it outside too.

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