What Else Can You Use A Pizza Oven For?

Pizza is everybody's love language. Whether you’re having mates over to watch the footy, planning a date night or hosting a summer soiree, pizza is always the right choice. We’re not talking about the greasy takeaway stuff but the refined, authentic wood-fired style.

You won’t look back once you’ve invested in a pizza oven. Crispy crust, perfect bubbled blisters and a delicious smoky flavour which can’t be achieved through a conventional oven. But a pizza oven can be used for so much more than just pizza. In this post, Alfa Ovens, share what else you can use a pizza oven for, so you can start your outdoor, wood-fired cooking journey.


  • Baked potatoes
    One of the most simple, but most delicious meals, the humble baked potato is a winner in a pizza oven. Wrap your potatoes in some foil, place them in the oven and you’ll be treated with golden, crispy skin on the outside and fluffy, light potato on the inside. Dealer’s choice on serving options, but you really can’t go past a generous dollop of sour cream and chives on top.
  • Smoky slow-cooked meats
    There’s nothing more satisfying than slow-cooked meat: whether that’s a brisket, tagine or family casserole dish. As any foodie will know, cooking your meats over the hot embers will give you a unique smoked flavour which your old, electric slow cooker can’t compete with, leaving you with succulent, tender, juicy meat.

To add value to your home

Let’s think outside the box about why you’d get a pizza oven - even if you’re not that into pizza. Every homeowner aims to create an inviting space for themselves and guests. It’s those finishing touches which really pull a space together giving it a cosy feel, but also add value to the home in the long run.

A pizza oven won’t just give you mouth-watering pizzas; it’ll also add value to your home. In today’s competitive market, you’ll need more than just a quick bathroom reno to stand out from the crowd. Adding a pizza oven is a unique touch, making your house stand out in this saturated market. You’ll have your potential buyer visualising all the future pizza nights they’ll be hosting.

Enhance your entertaining space

Those who love hosting are always looking for ways to enhance their entertaining space. Adding a pizza oven adds a rustic charm, making your guests feel like they’re in a cute pizzeria in Naples. Not only does a pizza oven make your space look legit, but your guests will be beyond satisfied devouring delicious wood-fired pizzas.

So not only will your pizza oven bless you with world class pizzas, but it also adds depth and value to your house. Plus, you’ll be able to experiment with load of other delectable dishes. Check out the range at Alfa Ovens. These premium quality, Italian ovens come in both wood- and gas-fired options, allowing you to choose the right oven for your needs. Affordable, robust and built to last, Alfa Ovens are one of the world’s most trusted oven manufacturers.