What Is The Secret To A Crispy Pizza Crust?

Finally, the warm weather is starting to set in! The best warm days continue on past sunset. We forget about our bed times, and instead plan gatherings with our favourite pals. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but you do want to make a lasting impression. Forget about barbecues; they’ve so been done before. This summer, it’s all about the delicious wood-fired pizzas. Alfa Ovens let us in on a couple of secrets to get the perfect crispy crust on your pizza, making your gathering a total hit!

High temperature

A wood-fired pizza has a completely different texture to other pizzas. You’ll find, if done well, the dough will have a lovely crispy crust on the outside, slight bubbled blisters, chewy, light and airy on the inside. This is because a wood-fired pizza is cooked at a much higher temperature (around 430-480 degrees Celsius) and for a much shorter period (60-90 seconds), due to the higher heat.

Olive oil

Simply adding a little bit of olive oil is a clever trick to help you get a gorgeous crispy crust. Oil helps the dough conduct heat (helping to crisp the dough) and assists in removing any moisture.

Correct ingredients

You don’t need to be an avid baker to master a pizza dough. In fact, pizza dough is actually one of the easier doughs to make. The trick is to ensure you’re using the correct ingredients: fresh yeast, 00 flour, water, a pinch of salt and a little olive oil. Voila! You’ve got yourself an authentic pizza dough ready to be chucked in the oven and then devoured.

Pizza stone

Purchasing a pizza stone is the ultimate investment. It’ll last a life time but, more importantly, the pizza stone is your ticket to perfect dough with a crispy crust. When the pizza is placed on a nicely heated pizza stone, moisture is removed and the crust begins to cook immediately. You’ll be left with the perfect crunch on the crust, light and airy base and juicy, tender toppings. That’s Amore!

When it comes to good pizza, simplicity is key. You don’t want to spend your whole evening fussing and stressing. Serving wood-fired pizza with a delightful crispy crust will be enough to have your friends feeling like they’re dining al fresco in Italy. Plus, it’s easy to prepare, meaning you’ll be able to relax and be a part of the fun. After all, good food like pizza is best enjoyed with great company.

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