Why Does Pizza Taste So Good?

There’s no denying, pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Perfect for any dining occasion - whether it’s a children's birthday party, a date night or a work catch up. There’s never an inappropriate time to serve pizza. This winning dish originated from Naples, but eventually made its way all over the world, with each country putting their own spin on it. So, why is it that pizza is so darn delicious? The team at Alfa Ovens share their theories.


The dough is the hero of the entire dish, and by ‘dough’ we mean authentic Italian dough, not the takeaway junk. A traditional dough contains 00 flour (the most refined option available), fresh yeast and is generally wood-fired, which means it is cooked at a much higher temperature than a conventional oven. In return the traditional method will give you the dough of your dreams - light, airy, chewy on the inside with a crispy crust.


Homemade pizza sauce is the best pizza sauce, rather that store-bought sauce which leaves a weird artificial herby taste. Luckily, making your own sauce is simple and super quick. The key is good quality tomatoes, whether that means fresh or canned, otherwise your sauce will lack flavour. If using fresh tomatoes a good way to tell if they’re of high-quality is to examine the colour of the skin. You want your tomatoes to be a vibrant and a deep red in colour; if they’re dull and more towards an orange colour, steer clear. An authentic sauce isn’t cooked until it makes its way into the pizza oven - that’s what keeps the flavour light and fresh.

High-quality toppings

You’ve got the base and sauce covered: the final step is to choose your toppings. We’re not here to topping shame! Part of the fun is getting a little creative so you can create the pizza of your dreams... but sometimes, less really is more. For example, there’s nothing better than the humble margarita pizza - and it only contains three toppings (the colours of the Italian flag). the lesson here is to strive to source fresh, high-quality toppings and you naturally won’t feel the urge to add loads more.

So, the cat’s out of the bag, you now know why pizza tastes so good. It’s time to put this information to good use and invest in a pizza oven! Alfa Ovens are one of the world’s favourite manufacturers of Italian wood-fired pizza ovens, priding themselves on a quality product at a quality price. Reach out to the team at Alfa Ovens today so you can start making your own mouth-watering pizzas.