Wood-Fired vs Gas Pizza Ovens

It’s a question that almost every investor in domestic pizza ovens has asked themselves: wood-fired or gas? We won’t lie to you – the answer isn’t simple. Both types of pizza oven have their own unique beauty and, whichever you choose, you’ll end up with a fantastically versatile oven. But that won’t help right now in the moment of choosing which oven you want. What will help you is this guide which we’ve written up for you below.


While both options produce delicious tasting pizzas, wood-fired and gas pizza ovens each have their own unique flavour. The wood-fired option is, of course, smokier and infuses your food with that lovely charcoal taste. Gas pizzas have a more modern take on the traditional pizza but come out with the same crispy crusts and perfect bases that you’re used to enjoying. While most people argue that the wood-fired pizza oven is superior in the flavour department, only you will be able to make this choice; it’s all about personal preference!


Where will it fit best and where will it look best? Pizza ovens are an attractive feature of the home, so it’s important that their placement is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Close to the back door and to your outdoor seating arrangements is usually the best spot. This way you can gather around your pizza oven and converse with your guests while the pizzas cook. The beauty of both wood-fired and gas-fired pizza ovens is, if you choose a top-quality pizza oven manufacturer like Alfa Ovens, they’ll be mobile! It’s always best for your pizza oven to be on a wheelbase so that you can move it undercover, or out in the open whenever you like.


If we’re talking convenience, then the real winner here is gas. These gas pizza ovens are super easy to power – you don’t need to think about buying wood or collecting kindling either. They’re also easier to clean as well since you don’t need to scrape out any ashes or remove creosote from the chimney, which is one of the downsides of a wood-fired oven. So, if you’re after convenience, then you’ve got to have a serious think about gas-fired pizza ovens.

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