Wood Vs Gas Fired Brick Oven: Your Oven Burning Options

When it comes to brick pizza ovens, you’ve got two options: wood-fired or gas-fired. So, what are the differences and which one suits you better? Today, we’re going to settle the debate once and for all as we get to the cores of each type of pizza oven.


Here’s everything you need to know about wood-fired brick ovens.

  • Unbeatable flavour
    Nothing beats the flavour of a wood-fired pizza. It’s more traditional, smokier and infuses your food with that lovely, slight charcoal taste. There’s a reason why we’ve been using wood to cook our pizzas for hundreds of years… it’s the taste!
  • Traditional feel
    There’s no cooler feeling than knowing you’re making a certain food in the original, traditional method – just like the creators did when they invented it. To achieve this when making pizza, you have to use a wood-fired oven, just like the original makers, the pizzaiuolo ambulantes of Naples, did back in the 18th Century.
  • Less convenient, but incredibly rewarding
    Though the flavour of a wood-fired pizza is amazing, the ovens themselves are slightly less convenient than their gas counterparts. You’ve got ashes to remove and creosote to clean, so, if you’re after convenience, then you’ve got to have a serious think about gas-fired pizza ovens. However, this just makes your pizza-making experience even more rewarding.


Gas pizza ovens are a fantastic, modern alternative.

  • Same great flavours
    Gas pizzas have a more modern take on the traditional pizza, but come out with the same crispy crusts and perfect bases that you dream about at night (don’t deny it). While most people argue that the wood-fired pizza oven is superior in the flavour department, only you will be able to make this choice; it’s all about personal preference!
  • Convenient
    If we’re talking convenience, then gas is the winner, hands down. Gas pizza ovens are super easy to power. You don’t need to think about buying wood, or collecting kindling either: you just grab a gas bottle and you’re ready to go. They’re also easier to clean as well, since you don’t need to scrape out any ashes or remove creosote from the chimney.
  • Gas plumbed from your home or business
    One of the great things about gas-fired ovens is that you can get them plumbed into your gas system, making it even more convenient and affordable in the long-term, compared with buying gas bottles.
So, which one is calling your name? Wood-fired or gas-fired? Whichever type of burning option suits you best, check out the range at Alfa Ovens. They make some of the world’s finest pizza ovens for domestic and commercial use. Coming in classic wood-fired or modern gas-fired options, Alfa Ovens have the right type of oven for every home or business.