What can you cook in a gas pizza oven besides pizza?

Pizza ovens are simply the best. There’s no better way of cooking a pizza at home to absolute perfection than in a gas or wood-fired pizza oven – everybody knows that! But if you’re contemplating getting a gas pizza oven, you might be wondering, “Are they only for pizzas?” What else can you cook in a gas pizza oven besides pizza? Well, the truth is, a lot! Gas pizza ovens create the perfect outdoor cookers for a whole range of yummy foods, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this post. 

Roast veggies

Need to find a delicious way to get your 5-veg-a-day in? Look no further than your gas pizza oven. We’re big believers in the ‘more’ diet (adding more veggies to whatever meal you’re eating) and roast veggies make the perfect side dish to a wholesome home-cooked pizza. 


It’s healthy, fresh and scrumptious: fish is another dish besides pizza which you can cook in a gas pizza oven. Get a fillet of your fave fish, season it with lemon, salt, pepper, garlic, even some chilli oil if you like heat, and away we go! 


They’re like pizza’s cousins of the sandwich variety… focaccias are a delicious lunch that you can cook up in your gas pizza oven. The beauty of focaccias is that they’re kind of like pizzas: you choose whatever you want to put in them. From turkey and mozzarella to salmon and avocado, gas-heated focaccias present limitless options for your tastebuds. 

Slow-cooked ribs

Sticky, sweet sauce on a juicy, succulent rib. Those words are probably enough to make your mouth water. Yep, you can slow-cook ribs in your gas pizza oven too. Take your special secret rib sauce recipe to the next level when you use a pizza oven to slow cook your pork ribs. 


Steaks are perfect for gas-fired pizza ovens. The high heat means you can sear those bad boys perfectly while retaining the juicy pink inside. Once you use a gas pizza oven for your steak, you probably won’t ever want to use anything else! 


You read that right. You can cook desserts using your gas pizza oven. Things like cheesecakes (that go well with a bit of charring) are the ideal desserts for your pizza night, and you don’t even have to use two different cooking devices! 

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