Why is wood-fired pizza better?

Everyone knows that pizza is frickin’ delicious. But not everybody knows that wood-fired pizza is more delicious than any other way of cooking pizza. Is this all just hype? Or is there something about wood-fired pizza that all the aficionados are onto? There are many things about wood-fired pizza that set it aside and put it in its own echelon of food. Italians have cooked pizza using wood for hundreds of years and, after all, there’s got to be a reason for it. Today we’ll discuss a few points on why wood-fired pizza really is better.

Consistent, high heat

Wood-fired pizza ovens cook at an incredibly high heat. This creates consistency, cooking each one of your pizzas the same as the last. Getting the temperature right is one of the most important things when it comes to pizza-making and wood-fired ovens allow you to do this perfectly. Pizza ovens also absorb more heat than regular ovens and this is why wood-fired pizzas have that lovely puffy and soft crust but have crispy toppings. 

Flavour town

The wood-fired element also helps to add flavour, which many say is the main thing that makes wood-fired pizza better than any other kind. The wood gives off a smoky, charcoal flavour which you simply can’t get in a deep-dish pizza. 

Retains more nutrients

Not only is it more consistent and more unique in flavour but wood-fired pizza is also better for your health. Wood-fired pizzas don’t take as long to cook due to the high heat. This means that your favourite veggie toppings like capsicum, mushroom, artichoke and spinach retain more of their nutrients than in a deep-dish cooking environment. 

Cooks quicker

And following on from that, higher heat equals less time to wait for your delicious pizza feast. Who wants to sit around waiting for ages for your home-made pizza to be ready? Not us! Wood-fired pizzas only take 2 to 5 minutes to be fully cooked. 

Perfect for cooking other foods too

The beauty of the wood-fired oven is that you can prepare loads of other dishes using it, retaining that distinct charcoal flavour. Roast veggies, seafood, focaccias, ribs, steaks – even some desserts! We encourage all kinds of experimentation with food and your wood-fired pizza. You might just discover that the wood-fired oven elevates your favourite traditional dishes to the next level. 

The verdict has been reached: wood-fired pizza is better than any other kind for a multitude of reasons. From consistency to flavour to health, nothing beats a wood-fired pizza. If you’re thinking of a wood-fired pizza oven for yourself, check out the stunning and affordable range at Alfa Ovens. They’re world leaders in both domestic and commercial pizza ovens, with wood-fired ovens as one of their specialties. To unleash your inner pizza-maker, get in touch with the team at Alfa Ovens to find the perfect wood-fired pizza oven for you.